4 Steps with PEESAFE

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Shake the can of Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray.
PeeSafe Spray


Spray on the toilet seat and any other area that you want to sanitize with PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer.
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Wait for just 5 seconds. The anti-bacterial disinfectant spray starts to evaporate and sanitize the area.
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The toilet seat is now germ free and safe for use.


PeeSafe is a portable toilet seat sanitizer spray that can be used almost anywhere be it any public washroom or at home.

Use PeeSafe for a hygienically safe experience anytime anywhere.

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Public Toilets

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“Avoid a dirty scene. Use PeeSafe to make it clean”

Picture this. It’s a nice mid-summer day. The sun is out, the temperature is nice and you’re out having a great time outside. Suddenly nature calls and you have to go to the public bathroom. You go to the restroom area, and your mind says ‘Wait, do you really want to use this toilet? Can I wait till I get home?’ the environment is unpleasant and unhygienic. You must respond nature’s call . We all have confronted similar unkind situations. We at Redcliffe Hygiene have come up with PeeSafe a toilet seat sanitizer spray that protects you from the deadly germs and bacteria while using the toilet.

“But my washroom is always clean. My company has a strict cleanliness policy. Why should I use?” Even if the washroom is constantly cleaned it isn’t germ-free. They harbor germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes. People are always on the move, they do not always have the opportunity to carry out their needs in a hygienic, comfortable environment. With Peesafe those unkind days are over!

Peesafe protects from germs & also deodorizes the toilet. A light weight bottle of PeeSafe is the perfect companion even while travelling. It is easy and hassle free to use and carry. PeeSafe Wet Wipes can also be used for added protection from dirt & germs. Try PeeSafe to Be Safe!




“UTI and Washroom Borne infections are very common nowadays and patients normally takes home remedies and try measures on their own. When recurring infections are prominant is the time when patients seek doctors. But prevention is always better than cure and Peesafe is definitely one of the measures with which we can prevent infections from carrying forward.”

Dr. Renu Malik| MBBS, MD (Obst. & Gynecology), Radix Healthcare

“I highly recommend using PeeSafe products like their toilet seat sanitizer spray which protects from germs present on the toilet seats. PeeSafe products are portable and can be carried with you anytime and anywhere for a safe toilet experience.”

Dr. Witty Raina | Mom & Director - OBG and Gynaecology Cloud Nine Care (Hospital)

“UTI is one of the most common infections in women and a major cause of morbidity in all age group. Peesafe is definately one of the alternative measure to sanitize public toilets which can be used by everyone and avoid unwanted infections.”

Dr. Arti Gupta | MBBS, MD(KEM Hospital, Mumbai), Sr. Consultant Gynaecologist, MAYOM Hospital

“Considering the hygienic conditions of lots of public toilets, weather they are in offices, malls, hotels, food court or other places for that matter. PeeSafe is a valuable asset to save ourselves from the risk of many infections. Its very helpful specially for eomen of any age group along with that it provides safety for our little angels also saving us from the unnecessary medications which we have to take for urinary and vaginal infections.”

Dr. Renu Yadav| MBBS, DGO Angels Care


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